About Apps for Smart cities | Amsterdam

Apps for Smart cities is a unique event at the intersection of technology and society. 

Putting people and ‘grassroots / Long Tail’ innovation at the heart of Smart cities, speakers at the Apps for Smart Cities event will share real life experiences from their work including demos and videos.  

The discussion will cover a range of topics including Air pollution monitoring, helping people with disabilities, Urban farming, Next generation art, Parking vehicles, The Web, Real time news and updates from sensors, Citizens participation, Quantified self (healthcare), citizens involvement etc. 

The event brings together international perspectives with speakers from USA, UK, China, Ireland, Germany and others to Amsterdam.

Apps for Smart cities  lays the foundation of a new cross-functional community.  We bring together third party developers (web and mobile), Smart city platforms, City officials and planners, Open data personnel, content developers and creators, mobile operators, internet/mobile marketers, venture capitalists and many others

Date : March 29 at the RAI (one of Amsterdam’s largest venues). The event was a part of series of related events on March (27-30)

During the same event visitors also met many European city officials from the Commons4Europe project from different European cities, Code of America and more

On Friday30th was the workshop: Smart City SDK organized by De Waag

You can still Join the Apps for Smart Cities meet up - http://www.meetup.com/Apps-for-Smart-Cities/

Sponsorship: We are already grateful for the support from organizations and also from various bodies in Amsterdam including the City of Amsterdam. However, we always welcome more support. Please contact us

Organisation: Apps for Smart Cities is hosted and organized by Ajit Jaokar in cooperation with Syllabuzz.